Our Extended Professional Team

Should you suffer misfortune and be struck by a disaster, it is really important to take prompt action and safeguard your property in the immediate aftermath. Take a flood situation for instance, you should attempt to conduct emergency cleaning, salvage valuables and begin the process of drying out the property in the event of water damage.

If extensive reinstatement work is required for your building, a policy holders’ interests are best served by securing professional surveying services. These experts will carry out a detailed survey of your property, prepare a thorough “scope of work” for any necessary building renovation and take on responsibility for managing the subsequent reinstatement programme.

When we receive an instruction from a client, we immediately assess all damage both visible and hidden, and then identify the measures that need to be implemented in order to reinstate any damage.

To do this, we collaborate with a wide and varied team of restoration experts and surveyors. Then, if our clients require remedial work, we will engage proven, “tried and tested” building contractors for this purpose. All our contractors come with the highest recommendation from work carried out over the years for clients who continuously praise the work done for them.

Lund & Williams have cultivated this “extended services team” over the years to provide dependable, high quality remedial solutions for our clients.